Sporades a Trip that you would love it…..

Day 1:

Departure at 17:00 from the “Aretsou” Marina.

Sailing during night-time for approximately 15 hours. After enjoying the sunset at Olympus mountain, we arrive at the island of “Skiathos” at around 8am

Day 2:

Morning dip at the famous “Lalaria” beach in an area called “Sto Christo sto Kastro”, which was the first capital of the island. We sail south-west whilst having a view on the “Pelion mountain”. We swim at the sandy beaches of “Banana” and “Koukounaries”.

We then sail towards the southern part of the island and we reach the port of Skiathos early in the evening, where we dock for the night. We have enough time to wander around the alleys and the little shops of “Bourtzi”, which is surrounded by pine trees and a fortress that was built by the Venetians. We will also dine at local restaurants or taverns.

Day 3:

Departure at 9:00 with destination the beaches of the small deserted islands around Skiathos. Those islands include “Tsougkria”, with two beaches on the west side of the island and the islet of “Arkos”, with its unique sand dunes.

At noon we depart to reach the island of “Skopelos”. The entire island is covered by a forest. Especially the southern and the western part of the island are a paradise with beautiful sandy beaches, pine trees that reach the beach and little picturesque taverns along the sea.

We sail with destination the northern point of the island, the infamous “Gourouni” cape, where we will admire the statuesque stone lighthouse. Then we sail south, to reach beautiful beaches, various ports, such as the “Loutraki” and the “Helios” ports. Right after we see the small island “Dasia” and the large beautiful beach “Milia” where the movie “Mama Mia” was filmed.

After and refreshing dip and some relaxation we end up at the golf of “Panormos”, where we spend the night offshore in a narrow cove called “Blo”.

Day 4:

Departure at 9:00 to sail towards the southern part of the island. “Andrina” “Agnontas” “Amarantos” also well-known form the film “Mama Mia”, majestic views with a lot of green and crystal-clear waters. We then pass by the southern cape, the “Veloni” cape, and we reach the beaches “Velanio” and “Stafulo” with its imposing rock.

Late in the afternoon we enter the port of “Skopelos”, where we will spend the night. Once again, we get lost in the cobblestone alleys of the centre and the traditionally white houses, drunken by the distinct smells of the flowers.

Day 5:

We depart at 10:00 and our destination is the picturesque church of “Ai-Giannis” (also well-known from the film Mama Mia), which is located on the top of a huge rock. Depending on the weather we can walk on the steep steps and enjoy the majestic view from the top.

We continue our trip with the next stop, the island of “Alonissos”. We visit the port of the island, the “Patitiri” port, and then we sail to various beaches, namely “Rousoum Yalo”, “Votsi”, “Milia”, “Kokkinokastro”, which is one of the most majestic beaches of the island, “Georgie Yalo” and “Lefto Yalo”.

We stay overnight at “Steni Vala”, a leeward small port on the island of “Alonissos”, a special corner in northern Aegean. Small village, with just a few houses taverns and small shops. Here you can get a taxi or a bus to go to the centre of “Alonissos”, with traditional houses up on hills, stone-built churches, cobbled streets, majestic sunsets and a spectacular view over the island of “Skopelos”.

Day 6:

We depart at 10:00 and our destination is the island of “Peristera”, one of the largest islets of the complex, with beautiful beaches and teal waters. In the middle of the island, right across from “Steni Vala”, is the large cave of “Vasilikos” without any touristic infrastructure, and just a few houses along the coast. We then sail towards the southern part of the island to visit the cave of “Peristeri”, a safe natural port. We pass by the eastern coast of “Peristera” and we sail towards the island of “Kyra Panagia” (Pelagonissi). The island belongs to the Monastery of “Megisti Lavra” in Agion Oros since 963 A.D. and is being used as a source of supply for dairy products, olive oil and honey. On the eastern part of the island we can visit the Monastery of “Kyra Panagia”.

We spend the night offshore at a safe natural cove, called “Planet”, which is one of the safest ports in the Aegean Sea. In this cove we can enjoy the starts in the clear starry night sky!

Day 7:

We depart early in the morning to Chalkidiki. We see the sunrise in the Aegean Sea.

Relaxation at the beautiful beaches of Chalkidiki before we depart for our return. We stay overnight either at the cape of “Skioni” or the “Sani” marina.

The Trip Includes:

  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Skipper
  • Linens and towels, Beach towels (for onboard use only), Flip Flops
  • Sailing lessons, Snorkelling and fishing gear
  • Fuel, VAT, Port fees

Day 8:

We depart for Thessaloniki with a stop for a dip at the “Shipwreck” in “Epanomi”