Thessaloniki By The Sea-3 Hour Romantic Sunset Cruise

With all good reasons why Thessaloniki is called “the most erotic” city in Greece, we set sail from Marina Aretsou to a 3 hour romantic sunset cruise. Board on to our 16 meter long, lavish, handmade wooden sailing boat and get ready for the most idyllic experience.

Sailing costa costa while the colors of the Mediterranean sea fade away, horizon touches Olympus mountain peaks and Thermaic Gulf sparkles from above, it is Thessaloniki’s sunset that will make you fall in love.

While captain set anchor under city’s most remarkable monument, White Tower, you can enjoy selected finger food, proceso sparkling wine, and atmospheric music. Lay back, capture the moment at the safety and comfort of our sailing boat, so close but so away from the crowds.

As the sun sets, we start our return journey back to Marina Aretsou Thessaloniki.

Love Fix All…