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About Us

Our vision was to design and build a navigable boat that combines the aesthetics and action of a traditional wooden Scooner with the comfort and luxury of a modern Cruiser.

VIRGO was created in 2005. This 16-meter two-stroke boat is made of solid iroko and mahogany and includes all the modern navigation and safety systems that make it a unique motor sailboat.

Virgo Cruises has been active for many years, provides rowing services and has many international partnerships. We specialize in planning corporate or social events and cruise organization. Meeting all the requirements, we offer daily cruises from Thessaloniki or Chalkidiki as well as multi days trips to the islands of Sporades and Skyros.

For Us a Cruise with VIRGO means:

Freedom to visit countless destinations as you map out your own route for your holiday.

An opportunity to have the unique experience of travelling on a traditional Scooner and sailing on the endless blue waters of the Aegean

Exclusive approach to inaccessible beaches. Luxury and fun at the most popular destinations on the cosmopolitan Greek islands

Escape from daily routine…

Our aim is to come up with suggestions and plan together a cruise that will enrich your trip, highlight your corporate philosophy and meet your every desire to perfection.

Description of vessel areas

The interior of the vessel is designed with an emphasis on detail and functionality. Panelled and built throughout in solid mahogany and complemented by navy-style fabrics, has the glamorous air of a custom-made sailing boat, accommodating comfortably 7 passengers in a total of 3 cabins.

Located at the centre of the vessel, two spacious cabins feature double beds, en suite WC, wardrobe and luggage storage space.

The VIP cabin, at the stern of the vessel, has 4 large windows at the back and portholes at the sides, includes a desk, en suite WC, spacious storage, a king-sized and a single bed.

Two extra beds are available in the crew cabin.

The indoor lounge, kitchen and indoor cockpit comprise the upper level.

There is plenty of space for relaxation in the on-deck sitting area at the stern, where the outside cockpit, sporting a traditional wooden steering wheel is located, as well as a large sofa at the forward deck.

Enjoy a Trip to Greek Gastronomy…….

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