Milos, the southernmost of the Cyclades islands , is a volcanic island , home to picturesque whitewashed villages and hidden cliff-ringed coves. Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos boasts a magnificent colourful landscape and a coastline that counts more than 50 exotic beaches. Formed around a central caldera and characterised by lunar-like rock formations, it has the highest concentration of beaches in the entire island group. Being relatively close to famous Cyclades islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Paros and Naxos, Milos offers the perfect chance for island

It was once a critical location for the mineral trade — during the Neolithic period, the ancient Minoans exported Milos’s obsidian to the neighbouring Aegean island of Crete, whose residents used the volcanic glass to make weapons — but the island is best known because of an event from more recent history. It was while digging near the Roman amphitheatre in Klima, in 1820, that the amateur archaeologist Olivier Voutier discovered the marble statue known as the “Venus de Milo.” The celebrated work now lives at the Louvre in Paris, but Milos’s mystique
remains intact.

 Thanks to its serene fishing villages, secluded caves, innumerable swimming beaches (many accessible only by boat) and an abundance of locally run restaurants offering fresh catch and regional Greek wines, this tranquil island is quickly gaining appeal for travellers who want Aegean charm without the crowds. Beaches in Milos  stand out for their unique natural beauty and gorgeous water. The magnificent colors and the interesting rock formations of Milos beaches provide great places to spend a day at the sea. The most famous beach is  Sarakiniko
beach , a moonscape place with abrupt white rocks, and it is considered among the most impressive beaches in Greece.

 Other amazing Milos beaches are Tsigrado beach ,  Paleochori beach ,  Agia Kyriaki beach  and  Firiplaka beach . With its transparent turquoise waters, golden sand and spectacular geological formations, Milos is one of our favourite Cycladic destinations. This truly beautiful island has a variety of places to see and things to do: remote
beaches, picturesque alleys and seafront settlements, lovely shops and restaurants, old mines, catacombs and ancient ruins are only some of the things Milos has to offer. Let us help you organise your trip in order to enjoy the island at its fullest.