Daily Cruise to Thessαloniki

Thessaloniki By The Sea-8Hour Sailing Cruise& Water Experiences

Discover Thessaloniki, as should, by the sea and experience a full day cruise. Board on at Marina Aretsou Thessaloniki to our 16 meter long, lavish, handmade traditional wooden “schooner” that combines all the comforts and luxury of a modern cruiser.

Let our experienced captain sail you through ancient myths, byzantine history, and iconic monuments of Thessaloniki, while travels you through history and local legends of our culture.

By the time we reach city’s most remarkable monument , White Tower, our crew offers you tapas from local cuisine‘s and refreshments. Relax and enjoy the vivid atmosphere of a city at the comfort of a private sailing boat, away from the crowds.

Later in the day we sail towards secluded bays at the area of Neoi Epivates ready to enjoy sea adventures at blue flagged beaches. While you enjoy the sea, our crew prepares main lunch with local traditional recipes and wine from Epanomi. Embrace the Greek light and the blue from the sea,free your mind and soul from worries.

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By the end of the day our captain steadily sails you back at Marina Aretsou Thessaloniki.

The life you deserve…