With over 50 beaches the best way to explore Milos is by boat. Cruise the colourful and white beaches washed by clear crystal blue and turquoise waters with VIRGO. Our cruise covers half of the island; the inaccessible West and South side of Milos making several swim stops at the best spots along the way. A day of sightseeing, swimming, exploring the majestic Kleftiko and the cave of Sykia, sunbathing or just relaxing on the deck listening to music and having a Greek meze lunch under the boat’s shaded area.

Leaving Kleftiko, we continue sailing the south Milos, passing by the bay of Gerontas, Provatas, and the famous beaches of Fyriplaka and Tsigrado, till we reach our next swim stop, the impressive bay of Gerakas, one of the best beaches in Milos, accessible only by boat. This cruise will definitely be the highlight of your Milos vacation.

Sarakiniko volcanic rocky beach at sunset time in Milos island Greece.

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