Kassandra is the western peninsula of the trident of Chalkidiki. It is one of the most famous parts of Chalkidiki with a special development towards tourism, which shows a lot about the cultural and tourism sector.

It is a heavenly and peaceful place, with huge sandy beaches and pine-covered locations that reach the sea. The beautiful locations look like no one has ever set foot on clean ground, with dense vegetation and clear waters leading to a glorious union.

The development of tourism has promoted the creation of very well organized facilities, luxury hotels and many entertainment centers that provide a wonderful environment for holidays for weekend travelers from Greece and tourists from around the world who gather to see the true Greek natural beauty.


Sithonia, the second peninsula of Chalkidiki, is located between the peninsula of Kassandra and Mount Athos. Sithonia is surrounded by the Gulf of Toroneos on the east side and the Gulf of Sinai on the west. Sithonia took its name from Sithon, son of Poseidon (Poseidon is in Greek mythology the god of the sea). In Sithonia you will find the perfect harmony of mountain and sea. It is the place where the impeccable beauty of the Mediterranean pines, the white sandy beaches, the clear blue-green waters and the blue sky captivate the visitors from the first moment. The fascinating landscape attracts all types of tourists, especially nature lovers who want to escape from the civilized life. In Sithonia you can find a variety of deserted beaches or full, full of pines, where the sea and the sky make you relax.

Peninsula of Mount Athos

The third peninsula of Halkidiki, the peninsula of Mount Athos, includes Mount Athos which forms a monastic state in which more than 2,000 monks live. Admission to Mount Athos is not free for everyone, but guests need a special form called Accommodation. Apart from Mount Athos on the third peninsula of Chalkidiki there are other interesting places or islands that you can also visit.